CAR ART - Deel 1- 1900-1945
CAR ART - Deel 2 - 1946-2009
Inhoudsopgave deel 1 A
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In 2018, I visited over 65 classic car events (including museums) in five different countries (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France and the United States). The main purpose of all these visits was to find hood ornaments on classic cars and take pictures of them. I found some 600 different cars with car mascots during the course of 2018, with the oldest car being from 1908 and the youngest from 2017.

All these pictures - or most of them - can be found in two books I published at the end of 2018, called CAR ART part 1 and part 2 (both books have texts written in Dutch). Part 1 starts with the mascots from 1908 and ends in 1942. Part 2 starts in the year 1946 and goes all the way to 2009.

Both books are available through Blurb (click the picture of the subsequent book to get there), but people from The Netherlands and Belgium can buy the book directly from me with a discount. At the moment the price for volume 1 is € 80,- and € 70,- for volume 2 (excluding postage). All the pictures you see on this page can be found in the book. If interested, please contact me through the Contact page.

Below you can find the indexes of both books. Press them to enlarge.

Inhoudsopgave deel 2 A
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Mercedes-Benz 24-100-140 Fleetwood - 1924
Cadillac V8 Cabriolet - 1929
Peerless Six Model 61 - 1929
Chevrolet Standard Six Phaeton - 1935