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Last weekend there was not one, but two classic-car shows being held in Germany. One in Essen - Techno Classica Essen - and one in Stuttgart - Retro Classics Stuttgart. The reason why these two similar classic car shows took place on the same weekend has all to do with the fair at Essen, where the fair area is being reconstructed at the moment. Normally, the Techno Classica Essen takes place in April, but because of the aformentioned works, this year's date had to be held earlier. Hence the clash, which was a pity for those visitors, who were not able to visit both shows and had to pick one.

Luckily, I was able to visit them both. On Thursday, I visited the fair in Essen and from 8.55am till 5.55pm I spent the time taking pictures of the many, beautiful cars. I then headed to Stuttgart and on Friday, from 8.55am till 6.15pm I strolled through the 140.000 sq metres at the fair in Stuttgart.

Both shows claim to be the largest in Europe and in a way they are both right. Some 188.000 visitors attented the show in Essen, and some 87.000 the one in Stuttgart. Visitor wise Essen is indeed the largest in Europe (in comparison, the Retromobile in Paris, which in my opinion is the best show for classic cars in Europe, had some 118.000 paying visitors), but square metres wise the one in Stuttgart beats them all. Stuttgart had cars exhibited on 140.000 sq metres, while Essen 'only' had 120.000 sq metres. Again by comparison, Retromobile had cars and more displayed on 65.000 sq metres.

So which of these two shows was the best? To begin with, I didn't have time enough to see everything in Essen and Stuttgart (Essen 80% and Stuttgart 90%). Time was too short and I didn't have the time to spend a second day at either show. I would have, if they would have been organised on separate weekends, but that was not the case. But, I was able to see and take pictures of the best cars on display. Essen had some great and rare cars, but so did Stuttgart. In the end, I can't appoint a winner. They were both great in their own right. Stuttgart had a little bit more diversity, some more less expensive and less rare cars, while Essen also had a couple of cars that I had already seen at Retromobile. But in the end, I must say that I am glad that I took the chance to do the marathon and visit both shows. It took me some 14 hours and 1200 kilometers of driving, but it was worth it.

Fortunately, next year, both shows have separate dates. Retro Classics Stuttgart will take place from March 7-10 and Techno Classica Essen from April 10-14.

Shown below are two small videos I made. The pictures I took will be on display in the next few weeks on my Video page and the best of them on my Classi Car Picture pages.

A look at one of the halls in Stuttgart

And a very rare Alfa Romeo C6 2500 by Pinin Farina from 1942 on display in Essen

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